How To Listen


There are lots of ways you can listen to Key56 radio whether you are at home, work or on the go. So let’s take a look at how you can listen to our station.

In the car and on the go

Key56 is built for mobility! In fact, if you are on the go, you can take us with you! Your mobile devices are key to listening on the go. Listen on any smart phone, tablet, or mobile wi-fi device (such as your wi-fi car stereo unit). You can use personal ear buds, wireless Bluetooth speakers, or any speaker device with an AUX port can stream us from your mobile device.

Listen at  Home or in the Office

Key56 sounds great when you listen to us at home or work using your personal computer or a smart device on your speaker system. You can listen right from our website just click the Listen Live or use the pop up player. Under the listen with your apps there are several links to several players just click one.

Some of the other ways to listen to us at home or at work:

Smart TVs

MyTuner Radio, or app

Roku Systems via Shoutcast, MyTuner Radio or TuneIn Radio app

Alexa enabled devices (including all Echo and Amazon Fire devices)

Google Home devices

Your mobile device or PC while connected to your stand alone speaker system via Bluetooth or AUX port


There are plenty of apps available for your smart devices as well. You will need an app to listen on any device that doesn’t access our internet site directly. Some devices don’t work with every app. As a rule of thumb TuneIn Radio works on nearly everything, but other apps are beginning to be recognized by many devices. Here are some of the apps you can use:

myTuner Radio

TuneIn Radio



Simple Radio

If you are unable to find an app that plays Key56 radio, your player might be able to accept and save our direct stream URL. Copy and paste this into your device manual stream option.

Listening in your Car

Listen to Key56 Radio through the car stereo speakers in real time. Here are some of the ways you can listen to Key56 while riding in your car!

WiFi enabled Car Audio Systems.

Android Auto and Apple Car Play

Bluetooth Audio Stereo Systems

AUX or USB connections

Cassette or FM Transmitters that work with your car radio

*NOTE: Your data plan may be affected by the amount of time you spend listening to Key56 using your mobile network. Check with your carrier. Some carriers offer free audio streaming. Check your plan.

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