Key56 Top   10

    Artist                                          Title                                        Label

1. Deirdre Gaddis                                      Falling In Love                                    111 East Records

2. Deborah Bond                                       Never Was                                           Third Logic Media
3.Deborah Bond                                        Think Twice                                          Third Logic Media

4.Soulpersona / Princess Freesia             You Did It Again                                    Digi Soul
5.Trish Standley                                        Love                                                       Independant

6.Jill Scott                                                  Lovely Day                                            Hidden Beach

7.Down To The Bone                               Watch Me Fly                                         Dome Records Ltd

8.Shuya Okino                                         Give Your Love a Chance                       Expansion Records
9.Terisa Griffin                                        This Time I?ll be Sweeter                       My Naked Soul Production Inc.
10.Jill Scott                                              Shame                                                       Blues Babe Records

11.Kindred The Family Soul                   Magic Happens                                        Expansion Records